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Hi, Jason,

This is powerful. Thank you. There is something though that you've missed. It's not really about fossil fuels. That's not what's going to address climate change. That's part of the propaganda machine narrative that has invaded the environmental movement. In fact, the real issue - what can really make a difference is restoring the water cycle - including the small water cycles whose dysfunction we all contribute to. Check out the documentary Regenerating Life. The filmmaker had no idea where his quest would lead him and he was as surprised as anyone when his research turned up this incredibly important feature.

Just discovered your work and will listen to more of your episodes.

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Hi Barbara: Thanks very much for this. I am increasingly aware of the importance of the impacts on the water cycles by deforestation and other planetary-scale losses of green growth. As Rob Lewis (who I see you subscribe to) has noted, via his work on Millan Millan, the fault for the heating atmosphere lies with both emissions and the diminished water cycles. At least that's my understanding. And yes, there should be the same amount of attention, funding, and urgency regarding the water cycles. It's been much easier to frame the crisis around quantifiable emission metrics than to ask civilization to scale back and replace its divots...

Thanks also for the recommendation to watch Regenerating Life. That was on my radar at one point, but as I race from topic to topic each week stuff gets lost in the shuffle...

I'm glad you're listening, but I should confess that I've only done the three read-alouds. I got sidetracked by other work at home and the microphone is getting dusty.

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People will notice the water crisis as there is no longer enough water in the tao, or in the irrigation canals or in the rivers. The Colorado River is giving us that lesson as we speak.

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