A friend and I were undergrads at university in Oregon in 1967. We rented a small house off campus. A friend gave us one of those metal SWP signs about three feet top to bottom. Someone had white painted over the SWP on the can and replaced the letters with a peace sign. We hung it on our porch wall.

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Your article is very good.

Sir David Attenborough is a legend. What a life: traveling the world talking about the atrocities of human impact on nature.

I, like you, am also a fan of the global depopulation agenda. The philanthropic funding from the Bill and Melinda and pharmaceutical industry has really helped the World health organisation WHO and the World economic Forum WEF make serious steps to take out the majority of the population without their knowledge or consent. Very clever indeed to use a trusted medical treatment and a unusually predicted and planned response. Complete control and sensoring of social and public media was a genius move too!

Don't research this if you are unaware of this, you won't find anything unless you go to the WEF or WHO websites where they tell you this all in plain sight ( part of the Masonic code of conduct) just do your part for the environment and get boosted.




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I always assumed that was the Socialist Workers Party logo…

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